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This Belgian Lady Planeswalker chapter was founded in the Summer of 2015. We were three girls from Ghent with the goal of making the community of Magic: The Gathering even friendlier, more inclusive and welcoming than it already is. Lady Planeswalker Society: Belgium has since grown into a group of wonderful people who are all contributing to achieve our goals and we aren’t quite finished yet.

This goal is inclusiveness, and because Magic: The Gathering today attracts mostly male players, our attention mainly goes out to creating an environment that attracts more women and girls and anyone who might feel uncertain or uncomfortable to join us in playing this terrific game. We teach, encourage and simply have fun!

Lady Planeswalkers?

A planeswalker is how a player is addressed within Magic: The Gathering, everyone playing is a planeswalker. The most important characters from the storyline of Magic are planeswalkers and so are you!

Originally, The Lady Planeswalker Society was founded in the USA. When we decided to form our own MTG-group, we found that many of our ideas were in line with theirs. This is why, in agreement with the original founders, we created a Belgian chapter located mainly in Ghent but gradually branching out and even inspiring a French chapter!


Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Big Love!


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